Stapleton in Denver has decided to go ahead and change its name. This will likely impact many of the businesses in the local area. Some will need to change their name, others will need to tackle their SEO to make sure they can still be found easily by the community.

As a company that is designed to support small business owners, FIRESIDE recognizes that this may present difficulties or hardships for some business owners in our community and have created this resource to help match business owners to some very generous volunteers.

At the current time (June 19th 2020) we do not yet have a new name, but we do have some guidance on the process for choosing it, and that the process is likely to be finished by the end of August. As we learn more we can begin to connect businesses with volunteers.

Until then, please either register as a business owner or as a volunteer, on the forms below.

FIRESIDE is also offering a 25% discount on all services for 3 months for Stapleton businesses affected by this change. You can request this discount using the same business registration form below.

Dax Hamman, Partner @ FIRESIDE

Register as a volunteer

If you have time and relevant skills to help the local businesses with renaming / rebranding, and to tackle other problems that may arise, such as photography, SEO, etc, please complete this form:


Request help for your business

If you are a business that will be impacted by the Stapleton renaming project and would like to request help from our volunteers, please complete this form:


Common Questions

We have already begun fielding questions from local business owners. We will continue to update the list as they come in.

Where can I learn more about the name change?

Rename Stapleton For All Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/renamestpletonforall/

Stapleton MCA: https://www.stapletoncommunity.com/stapleton-mca

SUN (formerly Stapleton United Neighbors): https://sites.google.com/site/sunwebsite1/

What if I don't want the name to change?

FIRESIDE, and myself, are not involved in the decision to rename Stapleton. Our role as volunteers is simple to help the local business owners.

Changing my business name

For many local business owners, changing your name will likely be the first problem to tackle. Dependent on what the new name is, it is likely you want to simply switch out Stapleton for that new name.

For various reasons, you may choose to change your name entirely. We have volunteers who can help with that as needed.

We have been asked about businesses leaving their name as Stapleton. This is of course entirely down to your own choice. I would offer guidance that the community sentiment means your business may very well be negatively impacted by this decision, irrelevant of whether you are doing it as a statement or not.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We acknowledge that this could present problems for business owners. We will be writing a detailed response to this as we know more.

Email addresses

If the word Stapleton is in your business email addresses, there are ways to forward all incoming email from that original email to your new one. FIRESIDE or one of the volunteers can quickly show you how to do that.


We will shortly be creating a list here of businesses, freelancers, and contractors who have volunteered their time. In the future, it would be great if you would consider some of these first as a way of saying thanks.


Update: June 14th 2020

In response to Stapleton’s decision to change its name, it was suggested to me (by Dan Oltersdorf) that perhaps we could help the small businesses in the community that might not have the resources of ability to change their name as easily as others.

We’re here to help!

We’re just getting started and don’t quite know what format this is going to take yet, but whilst so many of you are passionate about this, let’s get collecting data on who is willing to help.

If you have time and relevant skills, please follow this link and let me know:


Over the next few days we will get a sense of what it really happening and then we can update this as needed.

PLEASE email me (dax@meetfireside.com) or FB messenger me with ideas and ways to help. I like this idea of helping, and have a feeling the community is going to do some good here, but I have no sense of ownership here, just trying to make it happen.