If something happened to your loved ones, is there a plan in place? Pam says COVID-19 has been a time where people are thinking about their estate planning more than ever. In this episode, Pam Maass dives deep into her law background, the importance of self-care, and her passion for women’s empowerment, with Dax Hamman (Partner @ FIRESIDE). Watch or listen now, or read more below.

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  Pam has dedicated her career to advocating for and protecting children and families. As a former Felony Deputy District Attorney, Pam saw first-hand the challenges families face in the legal system. Pam founded Maass Law to empower families with a better approach. Pam also represents survivors of sexual assault and abuse with the challenges she saw first-hand for survivors when opposing powerful institutions and persons. Headquartered in Denver, Pam provides legal planning support to families and represents women throughout Colorado and is available to act as co-counsel for victims of sexual assault throughout the U.S. Regardless of where you live, Pam can help answer your questions or will listen if you need someone to talk to. In this episode, Pam Maas speaks about the inspiration behind her law career. Actually, her family wasn’t super pumped when she decided to study law. Pam started her career as a District Attorney. On the first day of the job, Pam was sent to a crime scene and saw a dead body. The DA office is passionate about observing everything as much as they can – that’s why the DA is often sent to a crime scene. One of Pam’s passions is helping survivors after violence and sexual assault. There is a massive weight to living in that narrative – self-care is essential when you live in that world. Self-care isn’t about doing a gigantic thing; it’s about building a bank up inside of you. For instance, listening to music and talking a walk. So, when something intense happens, those actions can take the edge off. Mentally, it was challenging for Pam to take the entrepreneurial leap into private practice. It took a lot to get over her fear of personal and financial failure. However, Pam was able to muster up the courage and dive deep into her life’s work. There is a lot of opportunity in law to find excitement in larger firms or on your own. In a lot of ways, the legal field is behind in the times on gender equity. Most women leave the legal profession within the first ten years. The women who don’t leave will start their own law firms. A big motivator for Pam to start her firm was because she wanted a child. It didn’t seem possible to stay at the big firm with a child. However, COVID-19 has allowed Pam to practice virtually – it has made being pregnant so much easier. Then, Pam talks about communication in her practice – most of Pam’s clients have been very comfortable using Zoom. There is more of an urgency for estate planning during COVID-19. If something happens to your loved ones, then what is your plan? People have been starting to consider this more often and need assistance with their estate planning. There is so much that we can’t control, but estate planning is something that we can. Pam always does estate planning with a couple – they need to consent to work together. Her background is in women’s empowerment, so she attracts a lot of women to her practice. Sometimes, there is a more dominant person in the conversation when it comes to estate planning. It’s Pam’s job to let both people feel comfortable enough to speak up. Stay tuned as Pam dives deep into her business, about hiring business coaches, and how Pam markets her practice. In this Episode: 
  • About Pam Maass [ 0:20 ]
  • What it’s like in the DA’s office [ 1:45 ]
  • How Pam practices self-care [ 4:50 ]
  • The transition to Pam’s private practice [ 7:00 ]
  • Finding excitement in law [ 12:00 ]
  • Pam’s typical customer [ 17:15 ]
  • Estate planning with women  [ 21:20 ]
  • About Pam’s business [ 26:15 ]
  • Why Pam hired a business coach  [ 31:10 ]
  • How often Pam engages with her coaches [ 36:30 ]
  • How Pam markets her business [ 38:15 ]
  • “A silver lining of COVID-19 has been moving to virtual practice; it has gone really well, and my clients love it.”
  • “People are more motivated to get their estate plans in place during this time.”
  • “My process is aimed to bring people together.”
  • “I notice how much my mindset played a role in my achievements.”
  • “I need all the coaches!”
  • “Go all in and trust yourself.”
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