Jeremy Jacobs is the owner of Raise Bakery, a family-run business in Sussex creating mouthwatering cakes that take classic British influences and give them an American twist. He has a love for all things food, especially cake. Being taught how to make the perfect sponge cake at a very young age gave him the start in life he needed to run a bakery.

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In this episode, Jeremy explains the drive behind his entrepreneurial spirit. Jeremy knew he wanted to run his own business when he realized that he could do everything better than his bosses. He doesn’t like being told what to do or being controlled by others. Jeremy’s bosses would probably say that he was a pain in the ass to work with. At sixteen, Jeremy built his first website – he has always had the drive to work on his own.

Then, Jeremy speaks about landing a deal with Virgin Airlines. Jeremy says that Virgin Atlantic found Raise Bakery from an advertisement on Google. Plus, the Raise Bakery website tells you everything that you need to know without having to speak to anyone – they always get loads of compliments about it. 

Raise Bakery scored a daily 5,000 cupcake deal with the airline. When Jeremy landed the Virgin deal, they needed to spend $150,000 scaling the bakery. At the time, Jeremy didn’t have the confidence to reach out to people and ask for help. Now, Jeremy likes to help struggling business owners have enough courage to ask for help.

Plus, Jeremy reveals the details of his Cupcake Wars experience. Unfortunately, they did not win – but they did get second place! The judges said that it was their most prolonged deliberation ever. 

Later, Jeremy speaks about the effects of COVID-19 on Raise Bakery. COVID-19 virtually destroyed the business in one day. All of Jeremy’s customers have closed their doors – everything dried up for Raise Bakery. They are expecting their customers to come back, but it’s a matter of when and to what level. 

Jeremy keeps four months of income in the bank. Fortunately, that money bought Raise Bakery some time during COVID-19. Also, the UK government was able to prevent unemployment for businesses and pay eighty percent of furloughed workers’ salaries. Jeremy says it was straightforward to make a business claim and receive assistance.

Stay tuned as Jeremy speaks about his MBA program and how language can play a role in your business mindset.

In this Episode: 

  • About Jeremy Jacobs [ 1:40 ]
  • Getting a contract with Virgin Airlines [ 7:20 ]
  • About being on Cupcake Wars [ 15:30 ]
  • Why we all have a money ceiling [ 18:30 ]
  • How Jeremy had his head in the sand when scaling Raise Bakery [ 21:25 ]
  • How COVID-19 has affected Raise Bakery [ 25:00 ]
  • The support Raise Bakery received during COVID-19 [ 29:45 ]
  • About firing employees in the UK [ 35:25 ]
  • How Jeremy’s MBA has changed during COVID-19 [ 38:15 ]
  • How language can play a role in your business mindset [ 42:45 ]



  • “If someone else can do it, then I can figure it out.”
  • “It’s okay to ask for help.”
  • “I learned to keep money in the bank.”
  • “Everything I know about business I learned from experience or Google.”
  • “We can’t continue to consume food the way we are – it’s unsustainable.”


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