Here at FIRESIDE we frequently hear that owning a small business can be lonely. We have a need to connect with one another, but unless your friends and family are also business owners, they likely won’t understand what you’re dealing with.

We created the “S’Mores, By FIRESIDE” podcast as a way to connect business owners together, and to help us all know we are most probably dealing with many of the same problems and thoughts! We have 8 episodes live, and 15 in total in the can.

As a highlight, be on the look out for my conversation with a Morrocan tour guide I met in the town of Fes, and hear how a country few of us visit have an incredible infrastructure for the tourism industry, and for tackling COVID-19.

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In the first 3 episodes, we spoke with Amy Radin from American Express & Citi, Stef Jones of FEED Media, and Bonnie Bowles, estate planning attorney and marketing extraordinaire!

Amy Radin and I have known each other for a few years now and both sit on the advisory board for a tech startup in NYC. Despite Amy’s background being corporate America, she has given so much incredible advice that applies directly to owning a small business.

Whenever I am doing customer research I have Amy’s voice in my head. She taught me to ask my audience how they would describe my product to friends & family, which writes your copy for you (!), and how to frame questions to avoid selection bias. (The name of FIRESIDE’s services were developed this exact way).

Stefanie Jones has built a PR empire out of Denver, working with some of the most amazing brands across travel, food, and technology. Of particular interest for the FIRESIDE community from our S’Mores conversation, Stef talks about the role PR can have for the small business owner, and where it sits against paid media channels.

Stef’s husband, Derek, (a literal rock scientist) is the COO at FEED, and Stef and I talked about some of the ways they make a husband & wife team successful in the work environment.

Bonnie Bowles is a super-successful powerhouse as an attorney and a self-taught marketing automation machine! Listen as Bonnie talks about what drives herl, and what role entrepreneurial parents might play in that, a theme that keeps coming up during the S’Mores conversations. 

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