Like many of you, I have been fascinated by the rise of ‘YouTuber’ as a way to make a living. From June 2018 to June 2019 the ten highest-earning YouTube stars brought in $168,000,000 between them, for creating videos of themselves playing video games, eating flaming hot Cheetos, or just being adults playing with giant Nerf toys.

In my career, I have been fortunate enough to work with YouTube and Google, but I have never really had any involvement with the YouTube star phenomena. I do know though that it has 2 Billion logged in users per month, of which about 15% is from the US, and that EVERY MINUTE 500 hours of video are uploaded to its platform.

Then last week I stumbled across a new podcast series by my favorite documentary maker, and fellow Brit, Louis Theroux. Louis is worth your time to look into. He has a very calm, disarming geeky quality that means his subjects really open up in ways they wouldn’t normally.

His interview with Joe Exotic, The Tiger King, many years back is particularly good.

He has a new COVID-era podcast called Grounded, and he recently interviewed KSI, a YouTuber worth $20,000,000. Very much worth a listen if this YouTube world interests you too.