Eighty percent of stylists don’t like the bridal industry and don’t do it. The traditional route for beauty experts after beauty school is to work in a salon or own a salon. For as long as Nine could remember, she always knew that she was going to start a business. However, Nine knew that she didn’t want to own a salon. After thinking about other companies she could create, Nine realized that there were not many options for bridal hair in Colorado.

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In 2015, Nine Morrison decided to start WedLocks. The idea behind it was to provide stellar professional, on-location beauty services to couples in Colorado. Nine really just wanted to give couples a sense of comfort knowing their needs will be taken care of, and that they will feel like the most gorgeous, and true version of themselves.

At first, Nine didn’t have a passion for bridal. She worked hard at learning how to do wedding upstyles and wedding makeup. Now, Nine is a Moroccanoil and bridal hair expert! Plus, Nine educates beauty professionals on how to build a super successful business. There are loads of free resources to check out on the WedLocks website.

Nine explains why beauty professionals aren’t doing weddings – they aren’t educated in the hairstyles, and they don’t want to work with bridezillas. Last year, Nine worked with 433 brides, and they only had one bride that they fired. Nine realized that they were not going to be a fit and she found the bride a different company to work with. 

Nine dives deep into the WedLocks company structure. The company structure is always changing and improving for the better based on the client experience. Nine just switched everyone over from independent contractors to employees because they wanted to maintain control over the quality of service provided. Nine doesn’t know any other bridal hair companies that hire employees.

Stay tuned as Nine explains how she blew her original business goals out of the water – she seriously underestimated the need for what they were doing. Plus, Nine describes the importance of brand awareness and gives tips on how to work with your spouse.


In this Episode: 

  • About Nine Morrison [ 0:20 ]
  • Why Nine created WedLocks [ 6:20 ]
  • About Moroccanoil [ 9:00 ]
  • How Nine educates other beauty professionals [ 10:15 ]
  • Why the salon environment still thrives [ 15:25 ]
  • The reason beauty professionals aren’t doing weddings [ 18:00 ]
  • About Nine’s ideal client [ 22:30 ]
  • The WedLocks company structure [ 25:15 ]
  • How Nine has blown all of her goals out of the water [ 34:35 ]
  • The importance of brand awareness [ 38:35 ]
  • Tips for working with your spouse [ 42:30 ] 



  • “COVID-19 is changing the culture of salon life.”
  • “We fired one bride seven weeks out from the wedding.”
  • “You need to know your ideal client.”
  • “We have members on our team who can make a full-time living in six months.”
  • “I have blown all of our goals out of the water.”


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