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Paid Social Media Advertising
Fully managed Facebook and Instagram advertising. We research your audience, write compelling ads, optimize the campaigns regularly, and focus on keeping your spend in line with your goals. FIRESIDE operates on a fixed price and so we are incentivized to give you the best advice. The FIRESIDE service fee does not include your ad spend with Facebook, Instagram, etc.
$500.00 / month Add to cart
Social Media Management
Build a meaningful connection with your social media followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn by posting informative, engaging, and entertaining content specifically written for them.
$500.00 / month Add to cart
Search Engine Marketing
The foundation of any marketing program, SEM captures the existing demand for your products & services. Ensure you are being seen when your target audience is using Google to find a solution for a problem or gap they’re experiencing. FIRESIDE operates on a fixed price and so we are incentivized to give you the best advice. The FIRESIDE service fee does not include your ad spend with Google / Bing.
$500.00 / month Add to cart
Content Marketing
High-quality content marketing, guided by Artificial Intelligence, written for you by native English speakers. FIRESIDE has negotiated exclusive access and pricing to the world's only AI that develops writing briefs that guide our team on how to write content that GOOGLE and your audience will love.
$500.00 / month Add to cart
Podcasting Service
For the business owner who enjoys talking to others, or sharing their experiences with their audience, a podcast can offer the perfect solution. With this service FIRESIDE does it all for you, processing your audio and/or video files, publishing your podcast, and writing compelling show notes to grab attention (and help your SEO!). All you have to do is show up and be fabulous.
$500.00 / month Add to cart
Marketing Funnels / Automation
The fastest and most reliable way to generate new leads and sales is to use marketing automation, and 'marketing funnels'. Attract them with something compelling, collect their data with gated content, convince & convert them with automated email marketing funnels.
$500.00 / month Add to cart
Email Marketing
Engage your existing database with customized messaging and design for each audience segment for a high probability of conversion.
$500.00 / month Add to cart
ADD-ON Service: Reputation Management
Monitor, manage and improve your digital reputation by ensuring your online listings are always up-to-date and that you’re asking the people who rave about your services to do so in a way that positively impacts your business: in the form of reviews. (All add-on services must be bought in combination with any of our regular services).
$150.00 / month Add to cart