Marketing Services That Work, From Just $500 Per Month.

As a business owner, it can be hard to find a marketing agency that is reliable & affordable, or a contractor that isn’t going to let you down.

We passionately believe in small businesses, yet we saw many fail to thrive, not because the owner wasn’t prepared to work hard, but because they just couldn’t get their marketing to work.

FIRESIDE solves this problem by following three fundamental principles.

1. A low monthly, fixed price with no hidden fees.

2. No long term contracts, cancel any time without penalty.

3. You own your data, your campaigns, and your accounts.

“It’s all perfect! I’m so happy it got completed! Thank you so much for all the hard work! Choosing fireside has been one of the best decisions I’ve made! Xo, B”

Feature-Packed Services

Partnering with thousands of clients on their marketing we realized that most business objectives can be achieved with a combination of just four services.

We use search marketing to capture the existing demand in your industry from an audience that knows you or knows exactly what they want.

Social advertising is great to break into new markets and to communicate a service or product that needs a little more explanation than search ads can allow.

Social media might be frustrating for you today, but studies show that most buyers of a product or service will seek you out on social media to gain the confidence to buy.

And finally for brands or businesses with a personal connection to their audience, a podcast can be a game-changer. We have strong feelings about how it’s best done, and so every new Client benefits from our onboarding call so you know how to monetize it even if no-one ever listens!

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Social Media Management

67% of customers will look at a company’s social media when choosing who to work with, yet most businesses don’t have the time or skills to get this right. Don’t lose out on new clients, get social media off of your To-Do list now.

  • 12 custom written & designed posts per month for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Dedicated specialists who learn your voice and style.
  • You have full approval, always!
  • Automated scheduling, so no more manual posting.

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Facebook / Instagram Advertising

Don’t waste another penny on your Facebook and Instagram ads again. Our deeply-experienced social media advertising experts know how to find & engage your audience efficiently.

  • Custom written & designed social media ads.
  • Unlimited campaigns without extra charge.
  • E-commerce, lead gen, course sales, retargeting, and more.

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Podcast Production

Whether you are thinking about starting a podcast, or have an established podcast but want better service, FIRESIDE offers the most comprehensive service.

  • 4 episodes a month included, or 2 episodes per month if audio AND video.
  • Highly-engaging show notes to grow your audience, and to help your SEO in Google!
  • Interactive, promotional graphics for EVERY episode.
  • Strategy call, show description and cover art design.

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Search Engine Marketing

Also called SEM, PPC or AdWords, search engine ads allow you to respond to the hand-raisers who are saying, “hey, I want what you have!”. The foundation of any marketing budget, get the most from your SEM budget.

  • Keyword research and campaign build-out.
  • Ongoing optimization, and split-testing.
  • Advanced targeting, only show up at the right times.

Want to get to know us better, or have unanswered questions? Join us on our daily call to learn more about FIRESIDE and our services...

On the call, we will do a deep dive into our 4 services, and tell you more about why FIRESIDE is so passionate about small businesses. We will address common topics such as why it is critical to pay for FB ads and Google ads on a fixed fee and NEVER on a percentage basis, when to use social media versus social ads, and how to make money from a podcast that no one downloads!

We know you're busy! The call with last approximately 25 minutes, plus time at the end for Q&A. If we don't get to your specific question, we will follow up with you directly over email shortly after.

The call runs at the same time each day, Monday to Saturday.

  • 9:30 Pacific time
  • 10:30 Mountain time
  • 11:30 Central time
  • 12:30 Eastern time

And if you stay until the end... we offer a discount code for your first month of service.

Flat Pricing, Results-Driven, No Contracts

It’s tempting to hire someone to get those marketing To-Do items off your list. Not having to find the time anymore would free you up to do what you do best.

Finding the right partner is hard though and it’s likely you have been let down or over-charged before.

We believe in small business and we believe in creators, and so we built FIRESIDE to give you the results that you need, at an affordable price, with complete flexibility.

Signup now and the team will walk you through a simple onboarding process so we can start getting you the results you need.



 $500 / month

Choose any 1 FIRESIDE service, for just $500 per month.


$975 / month

Choose any 2 FIRESIDE services, and save $25 per month!


$1,425 / month

Choose any 3 FIRESIDE services, and save $75 per month.


$1,800 / month

Choose any 4 FIRESIDE services, and save $200 per month.

No signup charges. No hidden fees. Add or remove services at any time. Cancel without penalty.

Can you afford not to?

The average cost today for a Social Media Manager is $55,199, for a Google or Facebook Advertising Manager it is $51,865, and podcast production is typically $2,000 per month. Additionally, the best results are achieved when you have the right people doing each job, and that requires having skilled designers AND skilled copywriters for each service!

Small business owners just like you are overpaying for these services, and it’s costing their business greatly in terms of lost revenue and additional stress.

Those that made the switch to FIRESIDE know that experienced terms are taking care of everything for them, and are generating results that they can rely on, month after month.

With no long term contracts there’s no reason not to experience FIRESIDE right now.

I highly recommend Fireside for your digital marketing needs. I started working with them on my Facebook ad campaigns, within the first week I saw a big difference. Their service paid for itself in the first week. Work with them!

Pamela Maass Garrett

Owner, Maass Law & Estate Planning Attorney

“Working with FIRESIDE has been awesome! I am admittedly terrible at handling social media, but they really broke it down for me and helped me learn some simple ways to make it far less daunting and way more effective. They are great as a coach, as well as extremely knowledgeable with what is most cost-effective, efficient, and will help you get where you want to go- wherever that may be! I would trust anything they tell me at this point, and highly recommend!”

Allie Hochwald Brown


“I wanted to let you all know we got our first lead from the podcast this morning.  It is a company that is struggling with their existing D365 implementation.  I am really excited the podcast is starting to provide leads!”

Chris Smith

Owner, Empellor CRM

“FIRESIDE does an amazing job! With their invaluable experience, and creative spirit they go above and beyond to take care of their clients! I would highly recommend them for any and all of your digital marketing needs!”

Evan Simmons


Common Questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we are happy to help. Why not join one of our daily calls to learn more, or click Book A Call in the navigation above and speak to us 1:1.


FIRESIDE is a marketing services company based in Denver, Colorado, supporting clients across the US and around the world.

We have solved the problem of marketing services for small businesses by focusing on simple principles, having an affordable price, and no long term contracts.

FIRESIDE offers Social Media Advertising, Social Media Management, Podcast Production, and Google Ads.

How much does it cost to work with FIRESIDE?
Each service costs the same, with discounts available for multiple services.

For Search Engine Marketing and Paid Social Advertising, the FIRESIDE fee is for the management of your campaigns only and does not include the media spend.

We are currently waiving our $125 setup fee.

You can add or remove services at any time.

Why outsource my marketing to FIRESIDE?

There are many advantages to outsourcing marketing to experts, but primarily it is to generate better results from your marketing budget and to finally get marketing off of your To-Do list.

Each service is just $500 per month, and with with the ability to cancel any time, we offer a flexibility that fits the ups and downs of any business.

Who owns the content you produce and the images you license?

All the work we do for you and all the content we produce is yours forever, even if you decide to stop working with us at a point in the future. 

Can I approve the social posts, paid ads, email campaigns and articles?
Yes, you can. Some Clients prefer to leave it all to us, and some like to approve the work first. We are happy to partner with you in either way.
Are there any contracts / commitments?

We have no long term contracts!

You can add or remove services at any time, and cancel at any time without penalty.

How do I get started?

We have made this simple too!

Just click SIGNUP NOW in our navigation and choose the services you want to start with. After a simple signup form, the team will reach out and get you started.