Stop stressing over your social media. You’ve got other things to do!

Build a meaningful connection with your social media followers on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn by posting high-quality, relevant content, designed and written by professionals.

Work with a dedicated social media expert that is given the time, support, and resources needed to make great posts.

There are cheaper social media options!

We know because we tried them, and we talked to dozens of their team members too!

Content on your social channels has because one of those things that just has to be done. More than 67% of your potential customers report looking at your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages BEFORE making a decision about working with you.

As annoying as it can be to have it sitting on your To-Do list every day, social media is no longer a must-do, it’s very much a must-get-done activity.

And we all know that person who’s really into their social media sharing, whether it be their baby photos, their workout videos, their inspirational soundbites at 5am, somehow looking and sounding perfect already!

For the rest of us, that just isn’t going to happen! Running a business takes up enough of our time and energy, without having to worry about writing content and designing images.

That’s why we created the social media service for You.

We know you have to have this, and we know you don’t want to do it, so our team is there to free up your time to do more important things, (and to remove the guilty feeling of not getting it done!).

But let’s talk about quality.

The difference between the low quality, high-volume content you can buy, and the good-looking, engaging content you need, is a highly talented team of designers and writers that have the time and the resources to really focus on your social posts. 

There are companies that will definitely make you a post a day, and yet they only give their team members on average 17 minutes to make a content calendar for a whole month!

The outcome of those is a social media page full of generic link sharing, that not only will not help you convert prospects, but it will actively turn away your hot prospects!

FIRESIDE exists to help small business owners thrive with high-quality content that is meaningful and impactful for your business.

No long term contracts. No hidden fees.

FIRESIDE’s highly experienced US-based experts will create and share 12 posts a month per channel for just $500 per month, that’s 36 posts in total. Cancel any time without penalty.

Comprehensive Messaging Strategy

A clear & transparent custom messaging plan, suited to your business and tailored to 3 social channels.

Managed In YOUR Accounts

Maintain control & ownership. Don’t get locked into a service by letting them run YOUR ads in THEIR accounts.

Thumb-Stoppable Images

Images are a HUGE part of social ads. Posts with high impact, relevant images that grab attention.


Everyone is sick of LinkedIn spam! Don’t message people, draw them in with engaging content.


A proven blueprint to attract and engage audiences for your business and brand. 


A unique platform with its own approach. Instagram has become a sharing & selling powerhouse if done right.

Get started with Social Media

Choose one service, or choose multiple, every subscription is fully flexible, allowing you to add and remove other services any time. Choose SIGNUP NOW from the navigation, and after signing up, you are immediately partnered with experts you can trust.

For our Social Media service, you will be guided through a simple onboarding process that tells us what we need to know about your business and your goals, and we help you to give us access to your accounts.


Get to know your business. Set up account access. Develop messaging strategy.


Design templates and initial content to match your style, with unlimited revisions.


Create and post content on all of your channels for you!

Want to get to know us better? Join us on our daily call to learn more about FIRESIDE and our services...

On the call, we will do a deep dive into our 4 services, and tell you more about why FIRESIDE is so passionate about small businesses. We will address common topics such as why it is critical to pay for FB ads and Google ads on a fixed fee and NEVER on a percentage basis, when to use social media versus social ads, and how to make money from a podcast that no one downloads!

We know you're busy! The call with last approximately 25 minutes, plus time at the end for Q&A. If we don't get to your specific question, we will follow up with you directly over email shortly after.

The call runs at the same time each day, Monday to Saturday.

  • 9:30 Pacific time
  • 10:30 Mountain time
  • 11:30 Central time
  • 12:30 Eastern time

And if you stay until the end... we offer a discount code for your first month of service.

Working with the Fireside team has been fantastic.  Upon starting my own business I knew marketing wasn’t my strength.  I needed a company and a team to step in, learn the ins and outs of my business, learn what I want to accomplish, and then run with my advertising and social media work.  That’s exactly what Fireside has done and continues to do for me.   I feel like I have my own personal marketing team, without the expense.  

Katrina Jamison

Founder, Legend Leaders

Small business? Hire Fireside. Don’t go shopping around. You will not find a better deal anywhere else that includes expertise, unlimited knowledge, passion, drive, impeccable execution, and top customer service. My income has grown exponentially, and my brand awareness has grown beyond my expectations! I’m serious when I tell you, hire Fireside! 

Samantha M. Allen, Esq

Law Mom, LLC

Common Questions

What's included in the service?

A comprehensive social media service with everything you need including…

– Onboarding process where we learn about your business, your goals, and your target audiences.

– Customized messaging strategy.

– Thumb-stoppable, professionally-designed images.

– A team with the time, tools, and resources to create great quality posts.

– Scheduling and publishing to your accounts.

Why should I always use my own social media accounts?

Many agencies and freelancers try and trap small business owners into staying with them by building the accounts in accounts they manage, preventing you from really seeing what is going on, and causing you to lose everything when you leave.

By working in your own social accounts, FIRESIDE works harder to retain your business and offers you full transparency.

Why do business owners love working with FIRESIDE?

FIRESIDE is more than a social media management company. We actually offer a full suite of marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses, each one only $500 per month.

The FIRESIDE partners each have more than 20 years of experience managing over $2 Billion in marketing spend for many of the global mega-brands.

However, from building 7 successful companies they realized that smaller businesses often get over-charged by agencies or let down by freelancers.

FIRESIDE offers a very high quality of service for a fair, fixed price, with no long term contracts.

Learn more about FIRESIDE Marketing.

Marketing Services That Work, From Just $500 Per Month.

As a business owner, it can be hard to find a marketing agency that is reliable & affordable, or a contractor that isn’t going to let you down.

We passionately believe in small businesses, yet we saw many fail to thrive, not because the owner wasn’t prepared to work hard, but because they just couldn’t get their marketing to work.

FIRESIDE solves this problem by following three fundamental principles.

1. A low monthly, fixed price with no hidden fees.

2. No long term contracts, cancel any time without penalty.

3. You own your data, your campaigns, and your accounts.

“It’s all perfect! I’m so happy it got completed! Thank you so much for all the hard work! Choosing fireside has been one of the best decisions I’ve made! Xo, B”