Having your own successful podcast is just minutes away!

Spend more time creating and less time doing, with our hands-off podcast production service, including a custom strategy session where we share how we made $4,000 from an episode with only 9 downloads!

Sound great with professional audio and video editing, be engaging with incredible show notes. Build a great audience with custom promotional graphics for every episode.

“The easiest and most comprehensive podcast service available!”

Included in our standard service:

  • Personalized podcast strategy
  • 4 episodes per month
  • Professional audio & video editing
  • Detailed and engaging show notes
  • Social media graphics for every episode
  • Distribution to iTunes, Google, and more
  • Podcast cover art
  • Checklists for every step
  • Legal disclaimer for your guests


We didn’t intend to start a podcast service!

It started with our own podcast, “S’More By FIRESIDE”, where we interview small business owners about the experiences and share lessons for other business owners and entrepreneurs to learn from.

We tried to do all the editing, social media graphics, and strategy ourselves and realized that there is so much more to it than we ever thought! We then tried what you’re trying, to look for someone to do this for us. After having bad experiences with contractors and being over-charged by podcast companies and agencies, we decided to make it part of our mission to provide the highest quality, most affordable podcast production service!

Clients love that all they need to do is record their episode, and we do all the rest. Our team downloads the files and reviews them for edits, before our editing staff produce professional audio and video versions. Our content team then writes the best show notes you’ve ever read and we complete it all with promotional social media graphics!

All of this is packaged into a flat fee service of just $500 per month with NO setup fees and NO long term contracts.

Everything you need to be successful is included….

Audio, or Audio + Video

Choose from either 4 audio versions per month or 2 audio + video versions per month.

Detailed Show Notes

Engage your potential audience with exciting show notes and improve your SEO with a Google-friendly structure.

Promotional Graphics

You can’t grow a podcast without great promo graphics. Every episode comes with promos and sound clips.

Podcast Strategy

Need help deciding on your podcast strategy? Our team can you get you going with a custom strategy session.

Intros + Outros

Record just once, update as many times as you like. Musical intros included. 

Hassle-free Setup

An expert team makes getting started super smooth. Be guided through the entire process from end to end.

YouTube Channel

If you choose to have audio + video versions of your podcast, adding episodes and show notes to YT is included!

Podcast Art

Stand out from the crowd in iTunes & Google Play, with eye-catching podcast art, professionally designed for you and your show.

Social Media Option

FIRESIDE also offers a social media marketing service that can include promoting your podcast to the world with custom promo graphics.

Want to get to know us better? Join us on our daily call to learn more about FIRESIDE and our services...

On the call, we will do a deep dive into our 4 services, and tell you more about why FIRESIDE is so passionate about small businesses. We will address common topics such as why it is critical to pay for FB ads and Google ads on a fixed fee and NEVER on a percentage basis, when to use social media versus social ads, and how to make money from a podcast that no one downloads!

We know you're busy! The call with last approximately 25 minutes, plus time at the end for Q&A. If we don't get to your specific question, we will follow up with you directly over email shortly after.

The call runs at the same time each day, Monday to Saturday.

  • 9:30 Pacific time
  • 10:30 Mountain time
  • 11:30 Central time
  • 12:30 Eastern time

And if you stay until the end... we offer a discount code for your first month of service.

There’s something else I want to share with you…

There are many services promising to make your podcast famous. They say they will make you the #1 podcast in your category and that you will have thousands of engaged subscribers. They say this because they think that’s what you want to hear to work with them.

I can tell you, having talked to many customers about such services, it can take a long time and a lot of hard work to get to that point, and many quit along the way because the wrong expectations have been set.

Our S’Mores podcast is not about how many people download and listen, it is about the impact it has on our business.

As a great example, one recent episode generated only 11 downloads in the first few days. If I was measuring based on pure statistics, I would have said that was a failure!

However, we chose that guest because of the influence and reach they had over an audience that we as FIRESIDE want as customers. We closed $4,000 worth of subscription revenue because of how easy our service made it for him to share our episode with his followers!!

I would love one day to have the #1 business podcast on iTunes, but if that never happens I will continue to be delighted by what my podcast is doing for us along the way.

To help you on your way, every new podcast Client gets a 1:1 with myself or a qualified team member to discuss your goals and work out the best possible way for you to exceed them. Doing a podcast is fun…. making it work for your business is even more fun :)

Get started with Podcasting

Choose one service, or choose multiple, every subscription is fully flexible, allowing you to add and remove other services any time. Choose SIGNUP NOW from the navigation, and after signing up, you are immediately partnered with experts you can trust.

For our Podcast Production service, a dedicated production team will work with you to setup your podcast, or to migrate an existing podcast to us.


A 1:1 strategy and planning call, including hitting your business objectives.

Training on how to record your podcast for the best sound and video quality.

Checklists to share with your guests so they are prepped and ready to go.


Approve your custom podcast art.

Approve your custom social media promo graphics template for each episode.

Approve your intro / outro, and your standard links for the footer of your show notes.


Record an episode! Submit a simple form to tell us it’s complete, and we will retrieve the files.

Professional audio + video editing.

Publish to Apple, Google, Stitcher, and more. Uploading to YouTube included for video episodes!

NEW: Sleep easy with free lifetime backups of your episodes included!

Omg! I got my first two podcast reviews! Thanks for all the help making this dream a reality 🙂

Pamela Maass Garrett

Host of The Working Mom's Podcast (rated 5*)

Common Questions

What's included in the service?

Our service is $500 per month. NO SETUP fees and NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

1. In brief, everything you need to become the podcasting star without any of the hassle!

2. Our Podcasting Clients can choose from 4 audio-only episodes a month, or 2 audio+video episodes a month.

3. Each episode comes complete with promotional graphics for your guest to share, and comprehensive shows notes that will attract your audience AND that Google will love for SEO.

4. When you first become a FIRESIDE Client we will walk you through a strategy session to help you launch the best possible show that is aligned to real goals that will have a positive impact on your business and your brand.

5. Cover art design.

6. Video & audio editing (dependent on your chosen format).

7. Downloading of your recorded files, and uploading to distribution channels (i.e. Apple & Google Play).

Not included:

1. Finding guests for you to interview. However, we have developed a way to do that close to auto-pilot, and we will help you replicate our success with guest recruitment.

Why should I always use my own podcasting service account?

Whether you choose FIRESIDE or not, you should always use your own account for any podcasting service. If you allow a podcasting production company to use their own, you may find yourself stuck with them!

We like to use Podbean for podcast management, but can usually work with any platform you already have setup.

What if I already have a podcast, can you take it over?


Unfortunately, many people tell us horror stories from working with other production companies. Our team is experienced at migration and can help you get back on the right footing.

Why do business owners love working with FIRESIDE?

FIRESIDE is more than a podcast production company. We actually offer a full suite of marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses, each one only $500 per month.

The FIRESIDE partners each have more than 20 years of experience managing over $2 Billion in marketing spend for many of the global mega-brands.

However, from building 7 successful companies they realized that smaller businesses often get over-charged by agencies or let down by freelancers.

FIRESIDE offers a very high quality of service for a fair, fixed price, with no long term contracts.

Learn more about FIRESIDE Marketing.

Still not sure? Book a call with the team and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Marketing Services That Work, From Just $500 Per Month.

As a business owner, it can be hard to find a marketing agency that is reliable & affordable, or a contractor that isn’t going to let you down.

We passionately believe in small businesses, yet we saw many fail to thrive, not because the owner wasn’t prepared to work hard, but because they just couldn’t get their marketing to work.

FIRESIDE solves this problem by following three fundamental principles.

1. A low monthly, fixed price with no hidden fees.

2. No long term contracts, cancel any time without penalty.

3. You own your data, your campaigns, and your accounts.

“It’s all perfect! I’m so happy it got completed! Thank you so much for all the hard work! Choosing fireside has been one of the best decisions I’ve made! Xo, B”